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Production of artificial and synthetic fibers

Project name      

Production of artificial and synthetic fibers


Chemical production (petrochemistry)

Created products (service)

The main idea of this project is to provide a competitive line of products from non-woven (and woven) polypropylene cloth in the following areas:

Construction - the main direction of the company – it is steam-moisture and waterproofing materials. Their main purpose is to increase the service life of buildings and structures.

Agriculture - this non-woven material is used in agriculture. Its main purpose is to protect plants from sudden temperature changes. In conditions of risky farming, this is very important. This material passes air, water and light, protects plants from bad weather, weeds, insects, diseases, allows mulching the soil. The material is also used in soil separation in landscape works.

Medicine - disposable medical products (clothes, underwear, hats, sheets).

In the furniture industry, as the insulation of spring blocks, the separation layer, the upholstery of the back and bottom sides of furniture, the lining of the bottom and back walls of mattresses, separating the interlayer between the upholstery fabric, padding and forming material.

In the light industry as a lining for bags, backpacks, pencil cases, briefcases, for the production of clothing covers, shoe covers and shoes for single use or limited use.

As a packing material for non-food products/

Name of the project initiator

Spanisol LLC

Location of the initiator of the project

66, Octoberskaya, Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region, 606016

Internet address


Proposed location for the project

Section 10312 m2, Orgsteklo district, Avtozavodskoye highway, Dzerzhinsk

Contact information of the project manager

General Director

Musatov Konstantin

Tel. +7 (953) 415-10-57

E-mail: kmusatov@mail.ru

The cost of the project, rubles      

137 000 000 rubles

The volume of additionally requested investments, rubles

132 000 000 rubles, the following options are possible:

1) Acquisition of equipment in leasing (letter of credit) - the required amount of 85,000,000 rubles

2) It is possible to implement the project in two stages - the required amount is 42,000,000 rubles

Stage of project implementation

To date, we have 6 people in the staff, 3 office employees and 3 production employees. In production we have 2 units of equipment (rewinders). We place orders on production similar to our plans, in jumbo rolls we bring raw materials for us, rewind products in different footage, pack and sell under our own brand.

We have been operating since April 2015, before that we have been selling products of similar plants under their brands for 3-4 years. For 201 5 year the turnover of the company in this direction was about 24 million rubles. In 2015, we purchased a plot of land of 10,312 m2, where we plan to locate the main production.

We are looking for an investor. For the current activities we made a project of a production building of 650 m2, received a building permit and in April-August 2017 we plan to build a 650m2 production building for the current activity, which will allow us to leave the lease in which we are now at the address: City of Nizhny Novgorod, avenue Molodezhny, 80.

We have a very convenient location for transport and personnel, there is enough space for large-scale production. A lot of nuances of creating large-scale production have been worked out: raw materials, customer base, equipment. For 20 1 6 year turnover is planned at the level of 32 million rubles.

Forms of cooperation with the investor

1) Attraction of investments in the form of a loan, a loan.

2) Investor's share participation - 35% of the share of business.

Number of jobs created

2nd quarter of 2017

Planned date of commissioning of the facility