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Investment infrastructure

Setting Up and Operating the Cluster Development Centres, Industrial Parks, Business Parks, and Business Incubators

An important mechanism to encourage investment provides the regional industrial policy aimed at the establishment and development of clusters to promote production cooperation within the region.

In 2014 the region took part in a tender sponsored by the Russian Ministry of Economic Development to screen the area cluster development arrangements subsidised from the federal budget. The tender results will bring a RUB131.9m subsidy to the regional budget.

Since 2013 two innovation clusters have been established: the Sarov cluster and the Nizhny Novgorod cluster.

Sarov’s advantage is the capacity for unique fundamental and applied research.

This can form a basis for developing diversified lines of new products through expanding into several related areas,

notably: Information technologies associated with supercomputing and simulations; new materials including nanomaterials; technical packages for industrial automation, as well as process control systems.

The Nizhny Novgorod innovation cluster covering automotives and petrochemicals includes a ramified network of residents with the GAZ automotive works and the RusVinyl facility, Europe-largest PVC producer, as key players.

The cluster’s major activity is a research in enhancing the localisation of participants’ operations.

E.g., RusVinyl encourages the development of related industries, thus facilitating improvements in automotives and chemicals, as well as the siting of new businesses next to its facility, and therefore, contributes to the creation of new jobs.

Accordingly, the efforts to comprehensively develop the regional infrastructure turned the region into a unique destination to set up new operations and run business.

The cluster’s residents are offered to set up their operations either on greenfield sites of the Bor-Centralny and the Dzerzhinsk-Vostochny industrial parks, or on brownfield sites of the GAZ automotive works and the Oka-Polymer industrial park.

This year the Bor-Centralny park hosted a major resident from Germany: German Pellets intending to build a wood pellet factory for EUR200m.

Domostroitelny Combinat Nord Haus also submitted an application in 2014 to implement an investment project in this industrial park.

Investment projects on the premises of Dzerzhinsk-Vostochny are so far intended by 23 companies. 2014 saw 6 residents accommodated.

In Oka-Polymer 21 participants are implementing their projects.

The Ankudinovka business park is being set up in the Nizhny Novgorod Region.

As of today, the utility lines and the business incubator are completed, while the business centre is under construction (1st phase: a 9-storey multi-purpose building with a 2-tier underground parking and a conference hall).

The construction is 75 per cent completed.

In addition, the region thoroughly addresses the establishment of a business incubator chain. So far 9 such facilities operate successfully, including two innovation-related ones.

Business incubators are essential for promoting business in priority sectors. This is why their establishment is so important for the region.