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Navigator for foreign investors is based on State Information System of Industry

Navigator for foreign investors is based on State Information System of Industry
Mar 12

Navigator for foreign investors (https://gisp.gov.ru/invest/de/ru-RU) was created on the basis of the State Information System of Industry (SISI), a multi-functional platform that aggregates over 300 different digital services and about 1,400 Federal and regional measures of support. More than 24,000 participants are registered on the site at the moment.

The new service provides all the necessary information about the conditions for entering the Russian market, the mechanisms of state support for localization and export, and the specifics of national legislation in the production sector.

The navigator contains six information blocks. The sections related to entering the Russian market and placing production facilities provide data on industrial infrastructure, issues of obtaining licenses, permits and authorization for doing business, and some aspects of labor and migration legislation. For investors interested in business set up, detailed instructions on creating subsidiaries and branches are provided.

Individual blocks serve as a navigator for key federal and regional support measures, tax incentives and subsidies, programs of the Industrial Development Fund, and the mechanism of special investment contracts. The "Localization" section provides information about the procedure for obtaining, confirming, and benefits of the "MadeinRussia" status.

In addition, investors will be able to obtain any information about current support measures for enterprises in the framework of the national project "International Cooperation and Export".