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Public-Private Partnership

A public-private partnership is a model for mutually beneficial co-operation between the Nizhny Novgorod Region and its private partner based on an agreement to build, refurbish, upgrade, maintain, or operate amenities or utilities, or ensure efficient management of NNR Government-owned property pursuant to federal and regional laws.

Subject Matter of a PPP Agreement:

1. Transportation, including rail, auto, air, water, underground (metro) transport, and other public transportations, as well as transportation and road infrastructure including road service and transportation service facilities;

2. Utilities and urban environment;

3. Facilities used for heat and power generation, transmission, and distribution;

4. Facilities used to render medical, general health, or other health care services;

5. Education, culture, sports, tourism, recreation, social service facilities, or other amenities;

6. Facilities used for mobile or fixed communications or telecommunications;

7. SME support infrastructure;

8. Retail, household service, or catering facilities;

9. Facilities used to produce, store, or process agricultural products;

10. The Region’s rights to carry out activities covered by the agreement;

11. Regional automated emergency public warning system.