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Consumer potential

The key property of the NNR consumer market is a large population with low purchasing power. 

The Nizhny Novgorod Region together with neighbouring areas represent one of the largest and  concentrated markets in Russia. The NNR proper population is 3.4m, while the population within a radius of 500 km  reaches 43m (30 per cent of the Russian population), the figure exceeding that for Moscow and St. Petersburg. 

In view of the developed transportation network and distribution channels the Nizhny Novgorod Region is suitable for setting up facilities to produce food or mass-market articles, or conveniently accommodating storage terminals. 

Due to the regional income level and distribution pattern the NNR consumer market is biased toward economy class products. The prospects for durables and personal services improve as household income grows (12 to 14 per cent annually). Household demand for cars and real estate, for tract housing in the first place, will also increase in the short term.